It was fifteen minutes past 1 in afternoon. It have been a bit busy in the early morning attending all me children needs - breakfast, cartoons, milk, changing diapers, baths and more. But, now that they are asleep, I got nothing much to do except for my tuition at 3 p.m. So, I sat down in front of my laptop in my “operation room”, pull out a cigarette and start enjoying every inch cubic of the smoke I inhaled. 

Then I look out the window and it sure is hot out there. Hopefully the weather changes a bit because I can’t stand the heat right now.

My hands still playing with my cigarette box, and the pictures on the box actually triggered something in my head. Many campaigns have been conducted before and none of it actually affected me but this one does. Oh boy! These things may actually happen to me. Look at these scary pictures and you know what I mean.

Then I started to browse the internet by typing the words “smoking” on the search box. Wah!!! The results were fantastic. More than 100000 sites came up with the words. Then I clicked a blog ( – a Malaysian made blog) and there is some general information on smoking. Among the topics featured in this blog are: Health Effects of Smoking, Effect of smoking during pregnancy, How to quit smoking and few more. Here is the link: or click the banner below. The writer also published other articles in Bahasa Melayu at

I do think that it’s time to stop. I have been trying to limits my smoking and I still doing it. Tips on the latter site may help but in the end it will depend on me to do it. For now, my daily intake is 10 – 12 stick per day compared to before where it may reach 2 boxes per day. I am sticking with this one until I go to below 10 per day. I cannot stop directly so I am doing it slowly – taking a one step at a time.

Flashing back to about 16 years ago, there was I a non-smoking boy living daily life without the cigarettes. I am not really regretting this but since the pictures are scary and I don’t want to die because of cigarettes, I just need to do something.

For smokers out there, choosing whether you stop or not are actually your choice to make. As for me, going slow is something good for a head start.