It seems that since the 15th April, the cigarettes prices have drop from the regular RM9.00 for 20’s to RM8.60. I think it is good news for smokers but I don’t think the all the smokers will get the message - because the prices are still considered high for lower income people. If you want all the smokers around Malaysia to get to the pictures shown on the cigarettes, the price should be lowered to a certain level.

Before the increase of the cigarettes in the late 2007, many of the smokers buy the cigarettes from shop or outlets that sell them. But since the price lifted to RM9.00, they turn to the cheaper option – smuggled cigarettes. In Sabah especially in Tawau, there are many of this smuggled cigarette distributor sits around the top spots such as the bus stops, wet markets, restaurants and food stalls to promote their cigarettes. Smuggled cigarettes vary from the top brand like Marlboro, Dunhill, Pall Mall and Gudang Garam to the not known brand such as Wismilak, Premium and etc.

Since I want to contribute something to the government campaign, I would like to make a suggestion! How about giving a low price day every month for the cigarettes with the scary pictures on it? The idea is to make sure that most of the smokers will be able to see the picture and decide on what do they want to do next. We can limit the selling to 2 boxes per person which comes with a 50% discount or in other words 2 boxes for the price of one. May be it come in a special promotion packages. Dunhill always do this. See.. Only one day in a month. I can see how this thing is actually going to help promoting the campaign.

Well, that’s all I can contribute right now. Here I uploaded other pictures from the web to add more knowledge to your head. Hope the smokers will consider on what to do next! See ya..