Yesterday, before the farewell ceremony for Teknik Tawau principal, I managed to attend my eldest son birthday party at St Patrick, Tawau Kindergarten. He was in Rose Class. There were five others, who were born in the months of June and July, celebrate their birthday with Brennen.

I stayed at the occasion for about 20 minutes to take some pictures for Brennen’s album. I looked at each faces of Brennen’s classmate and I can feel that they actually very exited about the party. Some said “Saya sudah birthday bah yang dulu!!” and some said “Saya belum lagi birthday, nanti bulan depan tu birthday saya”… Well, I personally think that celebrating birthday is a must for everyone whether you celebrate it alone or with your friends and families. It’s the time to wish something for your future and be very thankful to God for being alive to celebrate another stage in life.

Queue up please.... boys and girls!!

Smile to the camera.. 1..2..3!!

Mrs Pang, Rose Class Teacher

(From left) Shakira, Sivajuvi, Brennen, Adam, Shafiqah and Wafi with the birthday's cake. The class were singing birthday song at this moment - in 3 languages!!

Cutting the cakes!!

Actually, Brennen birthday falls on the 21st July but the kindergarten’s management only celebrates their birthday once in two months. Well, there is nothing much to be mentioned here because I don’t really know the other children except for their names. Bye!!

REMARKS: Happy Birthday My Son!! You are growing very fast. Always asked the Lord for more wisdom!!