I actually love animals but I don’t like stray animals because they are dirty and unpredictable.

I usually bump into these animals at night. Recently was when I went to the disposal center to throw away my rubbish. They sit around the main disposal bin and wait until a new “supply” come in. I have eventually “nokotigog” (same meaning with shocked) at one time when a dog jump from the contractor lorry parked in front of the center. The dog doing his job in absolute silence so I have never expected something to jump out of the piles of rubbishes.

In most cases, all the litters will be scattered around the school ground – whether in the Vocational block or in Technical block, it was caused by the same group of dogs.

At times, we can find these dogs (around 8 – 12 dogs) gathers in the basketball court around 3.30 – 5.00 a.m, playing, barking and howling. It sure is noisy around that time. Hopefully the numbers will be reduced and then gone for good.

It is unusual to see these dogs lurking around the school ground at day time. But on last Wednesday, as I walk to the canteen at about 8.15 a.m, I saw two black dogs are lying on the floor in front of Dewan Tun Ahamad Shah. I think the dogs are taking their time off. Then there were two students chase them away. I don’t know where the dog heads to but I hope it will go off the school boundary.

Then I saw another dog at the flat, Rindu 3 to be exact. This is quite dangerous as these dogs are trying to find a new settlement and they actually choose SM Teknik Tawau. They should be praised for their high taste. Wakakakaka..!!!

My main concern is the student’s safety. Well, dogs will always be dog. It will bite you if they feel threatened. I think the Jawatankuasa Keselamatan got to take action on this!