Yesterday was the Sukaneka organised by Koperasi SM Teknik Tawau. I think it kicked off at 2.30 p.m because I was attending the SOT meeting from 1.40 p.m to 3.15 p.m. It seems fun but I did not participate in this one.

Little that I know about the sukaneka was it started with Senamrobik, followed by Sayangku Bola Ping Pong, Gula-gula Manis and Oh Air! The sukaneka fee for each team is RM5.

The teams involved in this sukaneka games were Jabatan Bahasa, Jabatan Sains & Matematik, Jabatan Kemanusiaan and Jabatan Vokasional & ERT. Each teams consist of 10 teachers and 20 students. 

I did not have much time to watch the sukaneka games because I have to fetch my son at the Bengkel AKK. But, I manage to catch some pictures for the memories of it.

Sayangku Bola Ping Pong - A ping pong ball on a spoon! Hehehe.. Jangan makan itu bola cikgu!!

The announcer!!

Smile... Teachers and students from Jabatan Bahasa Teams!

Students from the organising commitee posing at their best!!

Gula-gula Manis game - Looking for sweets in the flour!


This is what you get after playing with flour!!

All the winners will be announced in the weekly assembly on Monday.

Two days before was the Futsal Tournament between classes also organised by the Koperasi. The tournament put a limit for the contestants where only 16 teams accepted to compete. Well, I watch this game from my place and the game ends with three winners.

The winners are:

1st prize: Songsang FC
2nd prize: KO King FC
3rd prize: Remaja All-Star


Reverse field play!!

Nice dribbling skills but no support from midfield!

Goal!! Frustrated goalkeeper throw the ball to the center.