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The Special Trio!!!

Posted by pahaikan on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, In : Family 

Brennen and Bradley - Macam besar pula perut si Brennen ni... Mau ikut cam daddy ka?? Bradley serius ka?
Other photos: Brennen and Bradley.

What's up!! .... Brianna...

Brianna Amberly... Nice shot..

REMARKS: Mummy's photo..??

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Seminggu Bersama Anak-anak...

Posted by pahaikan on Saturday, March 20, 2010, In : Family 

Inilah 3 orang budak - Brennen, Bradley dan Brianna yang perlu diurus sepanjang seminggu cuti ini....

Seminggu cuti ni, saya dapatlah title "Pengurus". Tugasnya menguruskan anak-anak. Hehehe... Kalau pengurus pasukan bola lain la... Nasib baik ada ASTRO membantu...

Menguruskan anak di rumah memang memenatkan... Dalam seminggu ni... hanya 3 kali dapat keluar ke Bandar Tawau... Itupun lepas jam 7 malam... Bawa diaorang jalan-jalan. Aktiviti lain tidak dapat buat... Memasak, menyapu, mencuci, biki...
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Brennen & Bradley Discharged From Children Ward Today!!

Posted by pahaikan on Thursday, September 24, 2009, In : Family 

Brennen & Bradley have been discharged from Children Ward today. Bradley have been staying at the hospital for 18 days while Brennen about 7 days. Thanks be to God!!

Well, I am very happy to see both of them looks healthy and strong again. They are on prescription and have an appointment on 08 October 2009 for ECOGRAM, hopefully everything will be just fine.

REMARKS: Thanks to all the doctors and staffs in HDU Pediatric Ward and Children Ward for the hospitality!!!


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Brennen dan Bradley Sudah Bertambah Sihat!!!

Posted by pahaikan on Monday, September 21, 2009, In : Family 
Selepas beberapa hari dalam wad, Brennen dan Bradley sudah bertambah sihat!! Syukur kepada Tuhan!!

Bradley sudah mula kuat makan dan Brennen sudah tidak muntah-muntah. Tengoklah dalam hari Rabu ni samaada boleh keluar wad atau tidak...

CATATAN: Harap-haraplah dapat keluar wad sudah!!

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