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The name is Brianna Amberly ...

Posted by pahaikan on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, In : Family 
After a few days thinking and brain-storming ha ha ha... I have came to a conclusion that my baby girl will be named Brianna Amberly. Actually this name is quit long compared to my two sons but I think its okay.

I have registered her birth certificate last week and to my surprise they use a new certificate. It is green in colour and one thing that differ from the old ones is that now you can choose the baby race - whether the father race or the mother race. I don't really get the point becaus...
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My baby girl was born today 18 April 2009!!!

Posted by pahaikan on Saturday, April 18, 2009, In : Family 
Thanks GOD!!! My baby girl was born today. I am very grateful that everything went right the way it suppose to be. I have been in the hospital for quite a while waiting for my wife to be discharged from the maternity ward.

My baby was born at 08:30 a.m (Malaysia) weighing 3.6 kg, and at that time I was at Dewan Tun Ahmadshah attending a talk on PENGURUSAN ASET ALIH KERAJAAN by a BPPTV staff. After a formal dismissal from the principal, I went to the hospital. Well, she looked red bluish on th...
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