Well, its a normal thing to come and go from one places to another. Every year there will be a new teacher to replace the transferred teachers and also to fill the necessary vacancy.

Teknik Tawau also get new teachers every year. I can't recall the teachers arrived at the early 2009 but I just got the names of the recent teachers arrival. There are 5 contract teachers that will offer their service to Teknik Tawau for 6 months and 3 practical teachers from UMS which will be here for 4 months.

Their name in random order are:

Contract Teachers

Fatmawati Bt Jalilul
Mazlin Bt Abd Basha
Nurhayati Abd Hapid
Azidah Abd Aziz
Sharifah Rohana Mohamad

Practical Teachers

Fariduddin Md. Yusop
Syamsul Anwar Mohd Ismail
Mohd Salleh Mohd Sapri

Practical Teachers From UMS!

There are also GSTT teachers that will be leaving next week to further their studies. They are:

Further Studies

Nur Anneliza Abd Latip (UMS)
Jumarni Syamsuddin (UKM)
Yusfazilah Yussof

Good luck to all of you!! May the force be with you!! Hehehehe... Well, Ms Anneliza (one of my readers), don't forget to access my blog for updates of Teknik Tawau. I will go on writing entries to this blog as long as I have the streamyx connection (supplied by Mr Naizuwan.. hehehe..) and if I don't apply for a transfer..