The entry title tells everything. Actually, I want to write this entry on Monday but I was too busy creating logo for the contest. Hopefully I get something out of the 1000++ logo entries.

Okay back to the original story. Hm.. This is the first time confession for all the members of IKD 2008/09.  After the Malay mass on last Sunday, we gather at the corner of Holy Trinity Church, near the entrance. Everyone has showed up this time. Yeah!!

Of course I am nervous. I think everyone does. I just pretend to be cool. Josahid go first and it takes just about a minute. Then Regina goes in. She does it faster than Josa. Then I think it is not too hard to confess your sins to God.

Well, after few peoples go in and out, my turns finally come. Hehehe.. I will never forget this experience.. I felt a bit nervous but all my repentance just comes out from my mouth and I actually swallowed my saliva while doing it. My feeling was mixed with sadness and happiness. After the father giving out the sogit, I went out and recite the prayers. I felt something has been lifted off my shoulders but not all of it. I must do better next time.

Reconciliation, is a theological term, is an element of salvation refers to the result of atonement (Taken from In the Bible, reconciliation is the word used to refer to the process by which God changes human beings and adjusts them to the standard of His perfect character.

Well, that’s all for now, next week we will be having our fellowship with the Bishop. Until then … Bye..