Well, the latihan rumah sukan starts today. I think the mood was gone. You konw la.. It is already in the month of June. I personally think that this School Sport Event should be done in earlier maybe in February or Mac.

Maybe the school was too busy attending so many programs that this event cannot be done earlier. This week we may see a little impact on the student’s commitment in the class but next week it will be different. Some of them will be tired and sleepy due to the training and the event preparation.

I have been in-charge of ARKA teams in 2004, and it was fun to be the manager. Hehehe.. but money will always be a problem because the school will only contribute RM250 for each team. The other sources will have to come from the teachers and students.

Motivating your team will be a hard task to do but we can manage it with the help from the senior teachers. Picking up talents from your team might be an easy task but to push them to be champions going to be a bit hard because the time given was not enough. And there is a lot of things to take care of such as reconstructing their attributes according to the sport event they are competing.

I am not involved directly to the participating teams in this year because I was attached to the organizing committee. But, I like to see how the training goes. So, I sneak out to one of the teams training today. It was Mr McManus Team - the MEGA Team (Blue Team). He was motivating his teams for the event and I think he means business!! Heheheeh…. And I took his picture!

The students listen as McManus gives out his motivation lines.

Well, the attendance was not good enough but it sure going to change next week. Hopefully everything will go just as planned and may the best team win!!