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History: Timeanddate.com was registered in 1997 and the website first came online on May 24, 1998, attracting only 24 users. However, some of timeanddate.com’s first services, including the Calendar and World Clock, were released as far back as November in 1995. Since its inception, timeanddate.com has received positive feedback from the media and viewers worldwide.

Time and Date AS (AS - "Aksjeselskap") is a private, limited liability company owned by Steffen Thorsen. The company is based near Stavanger, Norway.

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The company is committed to providing people with free time and date related information that may be specialized but not widely available from other sites. Time and Date AS has developed applications and services found on timeanddate.com, including: the World Clock; calendars, holidays and date calculators; various time-related calculators; Time Zone News; sun and moon calculators, including a day and night world map; a free digital clock for websites; and much more.

You will love this site. I know I do. All the services are very much useful. You don't have to search for date of public holidays for each country because they already provided with each country calender...

REMARKS: Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst. [William Penn]