Photoscape and PIXresizer!!

I have been using these software for a week and I find it very useful for beginners. I would say that these two are very practical and have some interesting function and very fun to work with.

Look at what I have done with the picture below. Before that I would like to say thank you to Miss Regina for giving the permission to use her picture for the demo.

Dimensions: 2816 x 2112
Size: 1.45 MB
Type: jpg

Alteration: Bloom effects (Middle) & Backlight (50%)
Dimensions: 400 x 300
Size: 23.2 kB
Type: jpg

Photoscape offers an excellent photo editing tool that includes just about everything you need: View pictures, optimize those that didn't come out so well, print several photos on a single page collage-style or perhaps add any of the dozens of filters and special effects included in the program. Other extra tools featured in Photoscape are a file renamer, a color picker, a screen capture tool and even a RAW converter.

There is one feature that is actually offered in Photoscape but not good enough. It is the resizer tools. So, I am using PIXresizer to resize all the big size picture to a smaller one without distorting the picture quality. I must say the software in do better but this one sure is good for offline work.

The best part is, both software are FREE. You can download the software by clicking here: Photoscape (Size: 14.37 MB) & PIXresizer (Size: 3.28 MB). Enjoy the software!!