Last Friday, I can’t seem to remember if I saw any notices that is informing about a visit from SMK Pulau Gaya. Usually, I don’t really care who came to visit the school as I do my routine as it should.

As I walked by the Vocational Block, I saw a familiar figure from a distance. He just looks like a friend of mine while studying for KPLI at Maktab Perguruan Keningau. So, I pick up my phone, search his number and call – just to be sure. And as I suspected, the guy really is him! Mr Edward Ebin. So, I said to myself, I’ll meet him after my class.

At about 11.10 a.m, I went to the Administration Office to meet him as they gathered there before going back to their hotel (First Hotel). We talked on the latest news, updates and school. Well, he is the Science Head Panel in his school now. I am very glad to see him again. Nothing much changed, just become older and healthier. Wakakakaka!!

He has gone back to Kota Kinabalu on Saturday and I do not have time to entertain him as Saturday is also SM Teknik Tawau Teacher’s Day Celebration. So, I wish him good luck and we will be seeing each other again as we actually came from the same town – Menggatal.

SMK Pulau Gaya, thank you and please come again!