Building a website? Use a website builder site! It's easy! I am not promoting companies that offer this kind of service but some friends ask me on how to do this. Well, is the most talked about right now. Yola provide an easy to use tools to design your web. They also provide few templates for you to start with. Yola is formerly known as Synthasite but they changed it because synthasite is a bit long. Well, you may click the logo and start exploring the site. You can register for free and try the service they offer.

Pahaikan's Website was first published in April 2009 about a month ago. It a place for me to write and share information to fellow friends and students. Actually I have publish a website for the Champions Of Tawau League at last year and it's still going on. Here is the website that I build using Yola tools. They offer you a free domain and free hosting too! It's cool man!

Pahaikan's Website at

Champions Of Tawau League at

You may try or but I personally think that offer the best for now! Give me a reply if you have publish your own site. See ya!!