If you heard a heavy rotating sound from your vehicle wheels (I really meant the tires), your wheel bearing need to be replaced. Well, I had mine replaced on the 11.12.2009. One bearing will cost you RM55.00 but it depend on Malaysian currency because most of the parts available for Wira came from overseas such as Taiwan and Japan. You might get it from PROTON Service Center but their parts and charges usually double the price that you pay to ordinary workshop.

Well, Mr Shamsuddin from Fook Hing Loong help me with the replacement. The labour charges was RM25.00. I learnt that it was cheaper to replace two instead of one because the service charges is only RM30.00 for both bearings. So, the total charges was RM80.00.

Well, the bad sound was finally eliminated.  

REMARKS: If you have a problem with your Wira, you can go to Fook Hing Loong and ask for Mr Shamsuddin for assistance.