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Program Cabaran Instik 2011 - 25/05/2011

Posted by pahaikan on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, In : Teknik Tawau 

Program Cabaran INSTIK 2011 telah dilangsungkan dengan jayanya oleh Jabatan Sains dan Matematik SM Teknik Tawau dengan kerjasama guru-guru dari jabatan yang lain.

Berbeza dengan Cabaran Instik sebelum ini (2009), Cabaran Instik 2011 menampilkan 3 pertandingan  yang berbeza iaitu:
  • Showcase On Board (Makmal Fizik 1)
  • Speed Formula (Makmal Fizik 2)
  • Jumper Shoe (Dataran Ilmu / Teknikal)
Pendaftaran peserta bermula pada jam 10.25 pagi di Bilik BMG 2. Semua pertandingan berjalan serentak pada jam 11.15 ...

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Program Cabaran Instik Winners Update!

Posted by pahaikan on Monday, June 22, 2009, In : Teknik Tawau 

As promised, the winners for the Program Cabaran INSTIK were announced yesterday in the assembly. My handset battery was weak so, I could not capture the moment they received the prizes on the stage. But, thankfully I got some pictures of the winners from an anonymous. Thanks..

The results are:

Fly-Fly Away

1st prize: B One Boyz (4 PKA1)
2nd prize: SHARK (5 PKE2)
3rd prize: Flamingo Team (4 PKE1)

Muszaphar Shukor Project

1st prize: Roket Speed (5 ABM)
2nd prize: Awam Selamanya (5 PKA1)
3rd prize: Mate...
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Program Cabaran Instik - 19 Jun 2009

Posted by pahaikan on Saturday, June 20, 2009, In : Teknik Tawau 

The Cabaran INSTIK program consists of three different competitions. The competitions are Fly-fly Away, Muszaphar Shukor Projects and The Amazing Egg Drop. The participants in each category in random order are:

Fly-Fly Away: Prepare a plane using polystyrene.

Anak Singkong (4 PKM2)
Republic Of PKE1 (5 PKE1)
Mas Air Lines (4 PKM1)
B One Boyz (4 PKA1)
Boieng 747 @ Techno-Airline (4 PKOM)
Flamingo Team (4 PKE1)
Katering (4 KAT)
PPN Asia (5 PPN)

Muszaphar Shukor Projects: Pre...
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