PROJECT 7: ASG - Atomic Structure Game

CATEGORY: Educational Game (
Specially designed for Chemistry KBSM Syllabus For Form 4 & 5)

TITLE: Atomic Molecule Game


In Form 1 until Form 3, students are exposed to the Dalton's Atomic Theory that assumes an atom as a tiny indivisible particle. But the discoveries of subatomic particles after Dalton’s time prove that some part of the theory is incorrect.

When in Form 4, students taking chemistry are exposed to the Modern Atomic Model which is based on Bohr's model. It consists of nucleus, shell and the three famous subatomic particles. The protons and neutrons located in the nucleus while the electrons move around the nucleus in orbits.

They also learn that electrons occupy the shells using a system. The system is that an atom's nth electron shell can accommodate 2n2 electrons, e.g. the first shell can accommodate 2 electrons, the second shell 8 electrons, and the third shell 18 electrons. So based on this knowledge, this particular game was designed.

Well, writing an electron arrangement is quite easy. This game does not concentrate on how the electrons are arranged. I just want to make the learning process to be more interesting and exciting.

ASG can be used as a learning kit or a revision kit in a fun way.

THE GAME: ASG - Atomic Structure Game

Two or four players play in any game of ASG. The objective of ASG is to complete the electron arrangement of Argon that is 2.8.8.

Each player will have 3 cards at the beginning of the game. This cards may contain electron, proton, neutron or other card. Only 1 (minimum) to 2 (maximum) cards can be played in a round. After that placing any card on the board, the player will replenish its card from the card piles to three again.

The electron cards will eventually form a complete Argon atom. Who gets to complete the atom wins the round. 

A groups of special ORDER CARD are played in this game. Each special cards will help players to be the last player to complete the electron arrangement. So the strategy is to play smart and act fast to win the game. 

ASG Game Board

The rules of playing ASG and its progresses is kept confidential for safety reason. But if you are really interested in this project, please contact me at or We can arrange something for that purpose. 



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