PROJECT 5: OMG - Organic Molecule Game Version 1.0

CATEGORY: Educational Game (Specially designed for Chemistry
KBSM Syllabus For Form 4 & 5)

TITLE: Organic Molecule Game


Some students are weak in Carbon Compound topics and sometimes cannot differentiate between structural formula and molecular formula. They also cannot remember the general formula of the homologous series for simple hydrocarbon compounds.

This game is specially designed by to meets this weaknesses. Although knowledge in carbon compound is needed to play this game, it can be learned throughout this game. The most basic is that a carbon atom could only form four (4) single bond to other atoms such as hydrogen.

OMG can be used as a learning kit or a revision kit in a fun way.

THE GAME: OMG Version 1.0

Two or four players play in any game of OMG. The objective of OMG is to score more points than one’s opponent. A player collects points by placing the atom tiles on the board game. Each player will have 5 tiles at the beginning of the game. Only 1 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) tiles can be played in a round. After that the player will replenish its tiles from the sack to five again.

The atoms tiles will eventually form a complete organic molecule and it has to be named. Who gets to name the molecule will get the whole molecule points.

Each atoms and special character has different point value, so the strategy is to play a bigger molecule and act fast to get the chance to name it. 

OMG Game Board


Players may play any organic molecules (straight chain or branched chain) that may exist in the range of Malaysian KBSM Chemistry Form 4 and Form 5 Syllabus. The chain MUST at least have THREE carbon atoms apart from the original RED CARBON at the center of the OMG board.

Other atom and special character such as nitrogen and benzene will be added later after in the upgraded OMG Version 2.0.

The rules of playing OMG version 1.0 and its progresses is kept confidential for safety reason. But if you are really interested in this project, please contact me at or We can arrange something for that purpose.



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