CATEGORY: Teaching Aid /
Educational Game (Specially designed for Chemistry KBSM Syllabus)

TITLE: PeTa Card (Periodic Table Game / Flash Card)


Students nowadays enjoy playing games and it is easier to teach them using a method where playing and learning comes at the same time. Based on this observation, the idea to create a card game came out. This card is made out of the properties of the elements in the periodic table. This game uses very simple rules and it will be explained later on this manual.

The main idea is to let the student to get use and know the elements well. And with the pictures printed on the card, at least they can imagine how the element looks-like. As the game goes on, the student will be reading out the properties of element in the card a few times. This may inject some information into their head and hopefully it will last and be used in the formal teaching and learning process.


   1.  To prepare a card game that can be used as a learning tool
   2.  To explore the uses of the card


   1. High Quality (Multi Purpose) A4 paper 200 gsm – white colour
   2. Cannon Printer Ink for PIXMA 1000 (both black and colour)
   3. Present wrapping paper
   4. Internet sources:


   1. Cannon PIXMA 1000 printer
   2. Microsoft Office Word 2003
   3. Microsoft Office Publisher 2003


   1.  Information from the internet is gathered.
   2.  Using the Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 and Microsoft Office Word 2003, the card is designed.
   3.  The size of the card is 6.3 cm x 8.7 cm (Note: This size was chosen because it is user friendly and easy to
        hold on to).
   4.  Elements in the same group is given the same colour in the (b) section of Figure 1.1 (please refer to Section
        Card Sample in the next page)
   5.  Pictures and information is keyed into the design.
   6.  The process goes on until the entire 119 element card is finished.
   7.  Then the printing process comes in (Note: higher dpi printer will give a better print quality)
   8.  The card is cut out according to their sizes.
   9.  The card is decorated with present wrapping paper to make it more attractive (Glue is used to make sure the
        decoration stays as long as the card is still in use).
  10.  Print out the “How To Play” card and “The Guides” card.
  11.  The card is ready to be used.


a.  Suggested players:  4 – 6 persons.
b.  Player to begin the round: based on the first card given to the players – the element with the smallest proton

c.  Playing the card:
   1.  Place the card on the table facing downward.
   2.  Pick any of the properties written on the card and state whether big or small and so on.
   3.  The properties to be call out can be referred to The Guides card.
   4.  Open the card and the next player follows by opening their card (without looking at the card).
   5.  The winner of the round is picked based on the biggest or smallest figure of properties stated before the card
        is opened.

   6.  The winner picks up all the card that was opened on that round.
   7.  Then, the winner (of the round) will pick any properties and start the game again.
   8.  The winner of the whole game is based on who gets the most card in hand.  


There are a few problems encountered during the preparation of the card. Among the problems are:
   1.  Books in the school library do not have suitable information on elements of periodic table.
   2.  Not all the elements have a picture.
   3.  Some of the elements do not have complete information on their properties.
   4.  Some of the websites on the internet are blocked and we are unable to get information from these websites.


This card was made to make teaching and learning of The Periodic Table Chapter more fun and exciting. This idea has not been carried out in my class or any other chemistry teachers in our school but it will, after this project is a success.  

The commercial value for the card is high but we do not aspect anything but hopefully someone will notice its uses. Other than used as a game card, this card is also useful as a flash card and it can be arranged to construct a big periodic table with pictures. The color scheme used for each group helps a lot in classifying the elements to their respective groups.

The internet has been a great source of information about periodic table. There is a lot to be read and shared with the students. This includes the unknown, latest and unavailable information in the text and reference books. Being attached to the internet gives more knowledge and I think that it should be used during classes with the guides and controls from the ministry of education.

FYI: This card have been promoted in the teaching aid innovation contest for science EXPO Peringkat Gabungan Tawau 2007 on 31 July 2007 at SMK Kuhara, Tawau.

Pic 1: Printing process using Cannon Pixma1500

Pic 2: All the printed card on 200 gsm A4 paper.

Pic 3: Laminating process using Laminating Machine TLH-241
Pic 4: Measuring and cutting process.

Pic 5: Our laboratory assistant helping in cutting process.

Pic 6: Happy with all the work done on the card. Good luck!!

Pic 7: The finished product

Pic 8: Peta Card with its game board.

The other projects are in progress. All the information and progresses is locked for patent purposes. No offend though. I'll share my work with you guys after they have been completed. If in any chance you are interested in any of this project, please contact me at or



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